Children's & YA

After his plane crashes in the desert a pilot has an unexpected and unbelievable encounter. A small boy from a small faraway planet appears at the break of dawn. His dreamy stories about his adventures during his space travel, as well as his questions, lead the pilot and the reader, to philosophical quests on the deeper meaning of human existence.

Antoine de Saint Exupéry's classic masterpiece for young and old readers in an original and inspired graphic novel.

In the third Planet Agents book readers are invited to join Planet Agents Jason, Anita, Ben and Marie-Louise on a mission to save the sea before the next full moon! In 48 hours the children have to find and face the four monsters that evil Ivan Von Powervamp has unleashed to destroy the Earth's oceans. In a race against time, full of surprises, water-vampires, scuba diving, and marine kingdoms, young Enviropol Agents will travel the world learning what the real threat to the sea is.

In the second book of the Planet Agent series the reader is assigned a mission impossible to turn down; simply because the reader is the last remaining Planet Agent. The reader has to take on the missing agents' mission, find them, and fight the enemy, evil Pee-ew, also known as carbon dioxide, and his crew. Readers learn about global warming, are introduced to a more responsible lifestyle and to the effect of each person's carbon footprint and become familiar with the three RE: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, all through an exciting secret agent adventure.

A humorous book with a strong environmental message tried and tested in schools through the author’s environmental non-profit organisation. The reader is asked to join an elite task force protecting the planet, by becoming a Planet Agent and taking on a top secret mission. Baddies like Ivan Von Energythirsty, the energy vampire, as well as Gulp Watersucker, who sucks water when people are wasting it, and the intrepid Lazybones Family, are all encountered along the way and defeated by the reader.

A book that tells the story of a young boy who is forced to flea his country in search of safety, alone with his younger sister and no adult to accompany them. A story about the great voyage towards the unknown, but also about friendship, solidarity and hope.

A restless little ship wants to travel to the end of the world and so it “catches” a big wave that takes it first to the bottom of the sea and then high up above the clouds. Through its journey the little ship sees the world but also itself differently.The book was inspired by Lermontov’s poem The sail ( Парус , 1832), and the first and last lines of the book are an adaptation of the poem.

When a top secret letter appears outside his bedroom window, Justin suspects it’s a prank. After all, it is asking him to accept an impossible mission, one that everyone has failed at so far. Even a superhero would think twice before accepting this one. And Justin Grey isn’t a superhero… Not even close. In fact, he barely manages to get out of the gym storage closet in one piece after the school bully locks him in.

Matt and Lucy, brother and sister, each have a special relationship with their grandfather. As time goes by and old age settles in, they notice small changes in his behaviour that are incomprehensible to them. When he eventually passes away, they find comfort in the knowledge that his love will accompany them forever.

The new day dawns different in the bird world: the sky is missing a piece! Cuckooska, a small cuckoo, sets on a quest to solve the mystery behind the missing piece.

It is autumn. A small yellow leaf leaves its branch and starts its slow soft descent towards the ground. During its brief journey it meets a sparrow and an ant, it admires up close the beautiful tree trunk it has known all its life, while a bit further down it faces the scary void of the tree hollow. How does the leaf face these challenges and what happens when it reaches the ground?