The Little Ship that Wanted to Travel to the End of the World

A restless little ship wants to travel to the end of the world and so it “catches” a big wave that takes it first to the bottom of the sea and then high up above the clouds. Through its journey the little ship sees the world but also itself differently.The book was inspired by Lermontov’s poem The sail ( Парус , 1832), and the first and last lines of the book are an adaptation of the poem.


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Author: Maro Katsika
Illustrator: Maro Katsika
Publisher: Kaleidoscope Publications
Year: 2014
Genre: Picture book
Format: hardcover, 15,5 x 15,5 cm
Pages: 32
Ages: 4+


Maro Katsika was born in Athens, in 1974. She studied architecture in Athens (NTUA) and Rotterdam (Berlage Institute). Her research interests include early Soviet urbanism and social housing. She has translated the diaries of Marina Tsvetaeva (ed. Tz. Todorov) and essays by Sergei Averintsev into Greek. The little ship that wanted to travel to the end of the world is her first picture book and Cuckooska, the surrealistic story of a cuckoo’s day, the second.