Justin Grey and the Earthkeepers

When a top secret letter appears outside his bedroom window, Justin suspects it’s a prank. After all, it is asking him to accept an impossible mission, one that everyone has failed at so far. Even a superhero would think twice before accepting this one. And Justin Grey isn’t a superhero… Not even close. In fact, he barely manages to get out of the gym storage closet in one piece after the school bully locks him in. Yet now Justin only has a few days to stop a dangerous gas mix threatening mankind, by following clues around the world and reaching the President of the United States in time.

Joined in his quest by three unlikely friends, Justin is soon being chased around the world by a menacing cloaked man, hell-bent on stopping him. He saves a scientist when he falls into an ice crevasse in Antarctica and scuba dives in the Great Barrier Reef to evade capture with the help of a Spider-Man toy dart gun. The group becomes known as The Earthkeepers and gains notoriety when a video of them goes viral. But there is little time to gloat, as Justin and his friends are too busy getting shot at by bandits on Lake Chad in Africa, managing to flee only after distracting them with a Batman batarang.

It's Justin’s courage that helps him accomplish the extraordinary when he finally ends up face-to-face with the President at the White House after all the evidence the group has collected is stolen.


Rights sold:
Turkey, Epsilon (forthcoming)


Author: Eleni Andreadis
Illustrator: Sandra Eleftheriou
Publisher: Metaichmio Publications
Year: 2018
Genre: middle-grade
Format: 20,5 x 14 cm
Pages: 335
Ages: 7+


Eleni Andreadis is a best-selling author, educator and sustainability specialist, born in London to Greek parents. She earned her Masters at Harvard University focusing on Environmental Policy and Media, and has presented, produced and consulted for a variety of channels and media organisations, such as the BBC, Participant Media and Green TV in the UK, US and Canada. Her best-selling Planet Agents book series won the State Award for Children's Knowledge Book in Greece and was shortlisted for several national awards, including the prestigious IBBY award. The series is due to be released in numerous countries around the world, such as the US, China, Turkey, Egypt and the Middle East. Her environmental middle-grade chapter book, Justin Grey and the Earthkeepers, will debut in Greece and Turkey in 2018. Eleni is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators in the UK, and is the founder of the non-profit organisation Planet Agents, which aims to empower children aged 7-12 to take action on environmental issues through exciting eco-missions delivered to over 10,000 kids annually. She also writes for film and TV.