Soti Triantafillou

Soti Triantafillou is one of Greece’s most prolific and beloved writers. Born in Athens, Greece in 1957, she studied in Paris and New York and is the author of 24 books, all of them long-sellers. Her first novel, Saturday at the Edge of Town(1997) has attained cult status and has been hailed as the most important Greek novel of its generation. Her fourth novel, The Pencil Factory (2000) has become a publishing phenomenon in Greece and has been translated into German, Spanish and Turkish. An independent political debater, Soti Triantafillou has over the years built up a considerable reputation for herself as one of Greece’s cultural icons, famous for her outspoken views and critical stance towards Greek and international politics. Her autobiography, Time Again, published in 2009 has become a national bestseller.

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Praise for Time Again:

Soti Triantafillou’s prose in her new autobiographical book, Time Again, is exemplary. It is … great literature. It has … style, aesthetics, and courage.

Stavros Stavropoulos, Vivliothiki, Eleftherotypia Newspaper, 15 January 2010

Praise for the Chinese Boxes:

Es geht auch anders. Die griechische Romanautorin Soti Triantafillou beweist es in Das Zeichen des Jägers auf eindrucksvolle Weise. Es lebe die neue Sachlichkeit. Ein Satz, und der Leser weiß, was ihn erwartet. Hier ist ein Kriminalroman, der ein sehr realistisches Bild zeichnen will, der durch den Prolog die enge Anlehnung an die Wahrheit der Straßen New Yorks sucht. Dieser erste Satz ist zugleich ein Dämpfer auf die heimliche Hoffnung des Lesers, sich zu einem Happy End durchzulesen. Es ist der erste Krimi der Griechin, und er kann besonders durch seinen Tiefgang begeistern.

Thomas Kürten, Dezember 2009

Praise for The Pencil Factory:

A fascinating novel that few would dare to write … (The Pencil Factory) manages to take us on a journey, fill us with enthusiasm, surprise us … blow us away. As long as books like this exist, one cannot fail but be optimistic about the future of Greek literature in general.

Lakis Fourouklas 30/05/2001

In the most fascinating and accomplished of her novels, Soti Triantafillou converses with great figures of the past: Lenin, Rosa Luxemburg,Alexandra Kollontai, Vladimir Mayakovsky …

Lily Eksarhopoulou, Diavazo Magazine, Vol. 408, June 2000

The Pencil Factory resembles an intricate textile of countless designs, colours and threads … thousands of intricate weavings. The writer is a great master …

Yorgos H. Theocharis, poet