Soti Triantafillou is one of Greece’s most prolific and beloved writers. Born in Athens, Greece in 1957, she studied in Paris and New York and is the author of 24 books, all of them long-sellers. Her first novel, Saturday at the Edge of Town (1997) has attained cult status and has been hailed as the most important Greek novel of its generation…

Amanda Michalopoulou (born 1966, Athens) is one of Greece’s most highly acclaimed writers. She has published seven novels, three short story collections and a successful series of children’s books, all to great critical acclaim.  She is the recipient of the country’s most prestigious literary awards, including the Revmata Prize, the Diavazo Award, and the Athens Academy Prize. 

George Pavlopoulos was born in Athens in 1980. He is the author of four novels: 300 Kelvin in the Afternoon (2007)Steam(2011), The Limit and the Wave (2014) and As Far Away from Home as You Can Get (forthcoming, 2019). An extended excerpt from his first novel was featured in New York based online translation venue, InTranslation. He currently lives in Berlin…

Kostas Katsoularis was born in Arta, Greece in 1968. He studied in Athens, Salonica and Paris. He is the author of three novels, two novellas, and a collection of short stories. His short story, “The shoes and the Trousers”, from his collection Mikros Daktylios (2007), was included in ATHEN. Eine Literarische Einladung, published by Wagenbach in 2008…

Βorn in October 1968, Angela Dimitrakaki is a fiction writer whose work addresses the transformation of subjectivity in contemporary global landscapes. She has published the novels Antarktiki (1997, revised edition 2006), Antisea (2002), The Manifesto of Defeat (2006), Inside A Girl like You (2009), AEROPLAST (2015) and ΤΙΝΑ, the story of an alignment (2019) as well as the collection of short stories Nosebleed (1999).

Christos Ikonomou was born in Athens in 1970. He has written two collections of short stories: The Woman on the Rails, (2003), and Something will Happen, You’ll See, (2010), which has won the prestigious Best Short-Story Collection State Award and became the most reviewed Greek book of 2011. Something will Happen, you’ll See has been translated into Italian (Editori Riuniti, 2012)

“If Noam Chomsky and Gore Vidal have a Greek analogue, it is Nikos Dimou”. One of his generation’s most fertile minds, a legendary advertising man and a prolific writer, Dimou was born in Athens in 1935. He studied English and French literature in Athens and Philosophy in Munich and has published 61 books: among them essays, short prose, satire, philosophy, poetry, and political theory.

Kallia Papadaki was born in Didymoteicho in 1978 and grew up in Thessaloniki. She studied economics at Bard College and Brandeis University in the USA and film at Stavrakos’ Film School in Greece. Her critically-acclaimed short-story collection The Back-Lot Sound (2009) won the Diavazo Journal New Writers Award. Her second book, Lavender in December (2011), was a poetry collection. Her third book, Dendrites (2015), was awarded the European Prize for Literature 2017.

Eleni is a best-selling author, educator and sustainability specialist, born in London to Greek parents. She earned her Masters at Harvard University focusing on Environmental Policy and Media, and has presented, produced and consulted for a variety of channels and media organisations. Her best-selling Planet Agents book series won the State Award for Children's Knowledge Book in Greece and was shortlisted for several national awards.

Michalis Moulakis is an award-winning creative director whose commercial work has reached audiences in over 40 countries. He is also something of a bookworm, a film buff, world traveler, and coffee mug collector. He is the proud father of two sons and A Yellow Leaf is his first children’s story.