Stefanos Xenakis’, The Gift, published today in Germany and Finland!


We are delighted to share that Stefanos Xenakis’ international best-seller, The Gift, is published today in Germany and Finland by Kailash/Goldmann (Penguin Random House Germany) and Gummerus respectively and we couldn’t be more excited!…/Kailash/e586134.rhd

Rights to The Gift have been sold in 21 territories so far:

World English (at auction): HarperCollins UK & HarperOne US
German (at auction): Kailash/Penguin Random House Germany – Double offer for Gift 1 & 2
French (at auction): Pygmalion – Double offer for Gift 1 & 2
French N/A: Edito/Gallimard
Spanish (at auction): Zenit/Planeta
Portuguese excl. Brazil (at auction): Pergaminho/Bertrand/Porto
Dutch (at auction): HarperCollins NL
Complex Chinese (at auction): Eurasian Press/Eurasian Publishing Group Taiwan
Turkish (at auction): Pena
Japanese (at auction): Bunkyosha
Italian (at auction): Rizzoli
Romanian (at auction): Lifestyle
Swedish: Lind & Co
Serbian: Vulkan
Russian: Mann Ivanov & Ferber
Brazilian Portuguese (at auction): Sextante
Finnish: Gummerus
Hungarian: Open Books
Hebrew (at auction): Matar
N. Macedonian: Sakam Knigi

News Update for Stefanos Xenakis’ The Gift!


The good news keeps coming in for The Gift by Stefanos Xenakis!

We have just sold Russian rights to Mann Ivanov & Ferber thanks to Thomasin Chinnery at Zeitgeist Agency, and Brazilian rights in a four-way auction to Editora Sextante thanks to Amaiur Fernandez at International Editors’Co!

And some amazing sales news from Greece:
The Gift 2 has sold over 50,000 copies since its publication on June 1, The Gift 1 has sold over 150,000 copies in less than two and a half years, whereas all three titles combined by Stefanos Xenakis (including Captain) have sold 100,000 copies in 9 months!

You can find the full list of international rights sales for The Gift 1 & 2 below:

World English (at auction): HarperCollins UK & HarperOne US
German (at auction): Kailash/Random House Germany – Double offer for Gift 1 & 2
French (at auction): Pygmalion – Double offer for Gift 1 & 2
French N/A: Edito/Gallimard
Spanish (at auction): Zenit/Planeta
Portuguese excl. Brazil (at auction): Pergaminho/Bertrand/Porto
Dutch (at auction): HarperCollins NL
Complex Chinese (at auction): Eurasian Press/Eurasian Publishing Group Taiwan
Turkish (at auction): Doğan Kitap
Japanese (at auction): Bunkyosha
Italian (at auction): Rizzoli
Romanian (at auction): Lifestyle
Swedish: Lind & Co
Serbian: Vulkan
Russian: Mann Ivanov & Ferber
Brazilian Portuguese (at auction): Sextante

The Gift, Greece’s self-help phenomenon represented internationally by Ersilialit


We are delighted to inform you that we represent internationally Stefanos Xenakis’ best-seller, THE GIFT, Greece’s biggest self-help publishing phenomenon in recent years!
THE GIFT has sold over 100,000 copies since its publication in June 2018 and has been at the top of the best-seller list for over 80 weeks!

Here’s what The New York Times wrote about THE GIFT in 2019:
In fact, the only European country where (Michelle) Obama’s book sales seem weak is Greece, where the No. 1 book is Xenakis Stefanos’s “The Present” — “Every day is a Gift. Open it. Do not throw it away.” “Becoming” doesn’t appear on Greek nonfiction lists at all.

So, what is it that makes THE GIFT so special?

Contrary to what most self-help books would have you strive for -that is, an unattainable state of perpetual happiness based on the “success” dream-, Xenakis invites us to aim for excellence by simply being enlightened, kind and humane.

Moving, inspiring and delightful, the 101 everyday life-stories Xenakis shares with us in THE GIFT, show us that greatness resides in each and every one of us and can be brought to the surface as long as we are prepared to be simply and unreservedly brilliant humane beings.