New translation deals for the The Gift 1 & 2 by Stefanos Xenakis


The translation deals keep coming in for Stefanos Xenakis’ The Gift 1 & 2, bringing the total number of territories sold to 28!

We are thrilled to have closed a competitive 2-title auction (The Gift 1 & 2) in the Czech Republic and a deal for The Gift 1 in Slovakia with Euromedia Group and Grada Slovakia respectively, via our co-agent, Lucie Poláková, at Andrew Nurnberg Associates Prague!

Below you can find the full list of territories sold so far:

World English (at auction): HarperCollins UK & HarperOne US
German (at auction – double offer for Gift 1 & 2): Kailash/Random House Germany
French (at auction – double offer for Gift 1 & 2): Flammarion/Gallimard
French N/A: Edito/Gallimard
Spanish (at auction): Zenit/Planeta
Portuguese excl. Brazil (at auction): Pergaminho/Bertrand/Porto
Dutch (at auction): HarperCollins NL
Complex Chinese (at auction): Eurasian Press/Eurasian Publishing Group Taiwan
Turkish (at auction): Pena
Japanese (at auction): Bunkyosha
Italian (at auction): Rizzoli
Romanian (at auction): Lifestyle
Swedish: Lind & Co
Serbian: Vulkan
Russian: Mann Ivanov & Ferber
Brazilian Portuguese (at auction): Sextante
Finnish: Gummerus
Hungarian: Open Books
Hebrew (at auction): Matar
N. Macedonian: Sakam Knigi
Korean (at auction): Munhaksegyesa
Slovenian: Primus
Croatian (at auction): Planetopija
Simplified Chinese (double offer for Gift 1 & 2): Gingko Books
Polish (pre-empt): Medina Rodzina
Czech (at auction – double offer for Gift 1 & 2): Euromedia Group
Slovak: Grada Slovakia

Photo credits: (c) Maria Michalinos