Korean rights sold to Stefanos Xenakis’ bestseller, The Gift!


We are thrilled to share that we have sold Korean rights to Stefanos Xenakis’ bestseller, The Gift, to Munhaksegyesa at auction thanks to our co-agent, Danny Hog at Danny Hong Agency!

Below you can find the full list of 22 territories sold to date:

World English (at auction): HarperCollins UK & HarperOne US
German (at auction): Kailash/Random House Germany – Double offer for Gift 1 & 2
French (at auction): Pygmalion – Double offer for Gift 1 & 2
French N/A: Edito/Gallimard
Spanish (at auction): Zenit/Planeta
Portuguese excl. Brazil (at auction): Pergaminho/Bertrand/Porto
Dutch (at auction): HarperCollins NL
Complex Chinese (at auction): Eurasian Press/Eurasian Publishing Group Taiwan
Turkish (at auction): Pena
Japanese (at auction): Bunkyosha
Italian (at auction): Rizzoli
Romanian (at auction): Lifestyle
Swedish: Lind & Co
Serbian: Vulkan
Russian: Mann Ivanov & Ferber
Brazilian Portuguese (at auction): Sextante
Finnish: Gummerus
Hungarian: Open Books
Hebrew (at auction): Matar
N. Macedonian: Sakam Knigi
Korean (at auction): Munhaksegyesa

Με μεγάλη χαρά σας ανακοινώνουμε ότι πουλήθηκαν σε δημοπρασία τα κορεάτικα μεταφραστικά δικαιώματα για το Δώρο του Στέφανου Ξενάκη στον οίκο Munhaksegyesa, χάρη στο συνεργάτη μας στην Κορέα, Danny Hong, του Danny Hong Agency!