Great news! Amanda Michalopoulou’s “Hedgehogs” featured in the Guardian’s Translation Tuesday series


Great news! Amanda Michalopoulou’s short story, Hedgehogs, is featured in the Guardian’s Translation Tuesday series (transl. Patricia Felicia Barbeito):

Εξαιρετικά νέα! Το διήγημα, Σκαντζόχοιροι, της Αμάντας Μιχαλοπούλου μόλις δημοσιεύθηκε στην εφημερίδα Guardian σε μετάφραση της Patricia Felicia Barbeito:

Photo: Alamy.

Letters from Greece in the Times Literary Supplement


Thank you, Times Literary Supplement for your piece on Letters from Greece!

Step forward Letters from Greece from the innovative digital publishers The Pigeonhole press. The Letters were curated by the Greek literary agent Evangelia Avloniti, and they arrive to Pigeonhole subscribers in instalments on any device. Its beautiful illustrations include works by the New York Times contributing photographer Eirini Vourloumis

One of the stand-out letters is by Angela Dimitrakaki, a celebrated Greek novelist and a senior lecturer in History of Art at the University of Edinburgh. She revisits a topic she has written about before, the distinctive apartment culture of Athens, and depicts the atmosphere of life in this city. In short: everything is awful and, at one and the same time, not so bad.

Dimitrakaki recounts what it’s like to return to Athens from abroad:

“When I used to live mostly in Britain, I expected not to see the infamous Athens traffic jams upon my return, thinking that no one could afford petrol any more. Despite the frequent phone calls home, despite my regular travels back and forth, despite my formal training in suspecting the media of, well, lying, descriptions of Greek destitution were impossible to dislodge from my head. After as little as five days away from the apartment, I would start questioning my first-hand experience of the reality of Athens.”

Photo: Courtesy of Dimitris Karaiskos