Short stories by Christos Ikonomou and Christos Asteriou featured in Hamish Hamilton’s online literary magazine, Five Dials

Five Dials

We are very pleased to announce that two short stories by Ersilia Literary Agency authors, Christos Ikonomou and Christos Asteriou, are featured in the new issue of Hamish Hamilton’s online literary magazine, Five Dials. Hamish Hamilton is an imprint of Penguin Books.

“You watch the world spinning, full of bustle, heartless and indifferent, and you say to yourself that, after all, life is good. And somewhere deep inside – or maybe not so deep – you feel glad that your name isn’t Lycos, you’re not tall, you don’t have long hair and a limp, and your wife wasn’t fired from a shop that sells clothes or shoes. And then you take a deep breath and put out the cigarette and go back to work. And you decide to do everything in your power so you never find yourself in the position of Lycos. You decide that, after all, in a world full of wolves, you’d better be a sheep than a wolf. A lame wolf.”
Christos Ikonomou, Like People Who Hadn’t Laughed For Years.

“It was during the Feast of the Dormition that I saw my uncle Anastasis, alive and breathing, three months after his death. Dressed in a blazing white linen suit, he stood on the pier, watching without expression the procession of the holy icon as it passed through the narrow streets of the island. His skin, untouched by decay, was lit with a dull yellow, which had remained with him ever since the day we buried him with our bare hands in the village cemetery, since no priest would agree to bless the ‘accursed one’ on this final journey, and neither of the two gravediggers would dig a hole for the man. Even though I was still in school, I knew that uncle Anastasis had not really died since I could see his body making small, imperceptible movements as we lowered him into the ground, covered in a shroud.”
Christos Asteriou, The Psalm.

You can download issue 27 here.

Image: Detail from Five Dials Issue 27 cover.